Volunteer Log


GACM is a community of families and teachers working together, side-by-side, building an educational environment to instill a life-long love of learning and curiosity of the world. Following a volunteer structure allows the school to offer low-tuition rates and create unmeasurable value for all families. It's the volunteered availability of families that keeps overhead costs low to ensure we can continue offering that reasonable tuition.

It is understood that some families can dedicate more time than others for no other reason than the lives we all live outside of GACM can vary. No one family should be feel or be made to feel that they can't or aren't pulling their weight for the good of the community. As a way to ensure all families are able to contribute some amount of time, logging hours allows us to ensure we are all pulling any amount of weight we can and help keep a level playing field for opportunities. THIS IS NOT A COMPETITION.


  • Sign-up or Log into your account. Only one account per family is required.

  • When you participate in an established activity, select it from the drop down menu.

  • If you are unsure or need to add a new activity, select "Other" or "---Add New Activity---".

  • When selecting the amount of hours, round up to the nearest half hour.

  • Log each activity separately, do not combine.