Our Story
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Glen Allen Community Montessori School was born from a desire to bring affordable educational options to the larger Richmond community. As parents, we felt there wasn’t an answer for wanting to gift our children with the beauty of the Montessori curriculum without sacrificing so much of our livelihoods to do so.

After the sudden closure of Virginia Community Montessori, the community of current families, prospective families, and businesses rallied around the mission statement of the school, knowing that the school was answering a need in the community and there had to be a way for it to continue.

Unitarian Universalist Community Church of Glen Allen opened their doors to us, seeing a deep connection between themselves and the school’s mission and a shared excitement of the possibilities and goals we could reach together.

With this partnership we have plenty of room to grow and access to a beautiful outdoor space established with a welcoming, supportive congregation.

Brei Stevenson
Buy-in Reminder & Board + Committee Meeting

Spring is being amazing to us! We have held tours of the school space and had applications submitted for the fall. Things are really falling into place, friends. 

REMINDER: Parent Buy-in is due by end of the day tomorrow, May 1st. If you have questions or need accommodations, please reply to this email.

Board of Directors + Committee Volunteers Meeting

Monday, May 7th  @  6:30PM
Gather Short Pump, 2400 Old Brick Rd, 23060


ALL PARENTS NEED TO BE IN ATTENDANCE. This meeting will be held to determine enrolled parents’ responsibilities to the Co-op starting immediately or in the Fall, depending on assignment. If you are absolutely unable to attend in-person or through the conference line, please arrange a conversation with me to submit your intentions.

Hiring Committee
Classroom Lead selections need to begin by mid-May and wrap up with the issuance of employment contracts by the end of the month. 

The process will occur as a group, serving as a way for parents to ask candidates questions and get a general feel for who may be their child’s educator. At least two interviews will be held through Skype Video, others will be in person. 

To ensure that the group isn’t too large, the committee will have the President and one additional board member in attendance, and 3-4 additional parents. I am happy to be a non-voting participant/lead if necessary since I initiated the recruiting process and submitted the job recs. 

All parents who wish to be a part of this process will receive digital copies of the candidate resumes for review with the understanding that all information is confidential.

As always, feel free to reach out should you have any questions or feedback! Thank you to all the parents who continue to be ambassadors for this cause. We have come a long way in such a short time. Our gratitude runs deep!

Brei Stevenson

Brei Stevenson
A Thank You + Next Steps

Thank you to those who came to the mixer! It’s was a wonderful, lovely, honest conversation filled with so much possibility. 

As a reminder, Family Buy-in is due by May 1st!
We need to reach our goal of $3000 to move forward with the school’s business set up and initial “housekeeping.” There is no limit or minimum for the buy-in. It will act as a deposit on your annual tuition beginning in the Fall and can be broken up however you choose. The deposit is non-refundable UNLESS we do not reach our goal of $3,000 by May 1st, then you will be refunded by May 4th. 

Here are the next steps:

You can download the info packet that was handed out HERE, and electronically sign the Buy-in Form HERE

We will host a Facebook Live tomorrow at 3:30pm and the recording will be posted to the school’s Facebook page for an overview of what was shared during the mixer. Come ask/post your questions!

We will be meeting with UUCC on Tuesday afternoon at 1:30pm. Any parents who are interested in coming to that meeting and witnessing the discussion and agreement process are welcomed!

Sign-up HERE to express serious interest in participating on the Board of Directors andStaff Hiring Committee. Dates for those meetings will be announced soon.

Brei Stevenson
School Parent Mixer + Info Session

Saturday, April 21st  |  9:30-11am  |  UUCC
11105 Cauthorne Rd, Glen Allen
PLEASE RSVP by replying to this email, or at cucumberpress@gmail.com

We've got the agreement in hand and it's time to get going! We have many deadlines looming to ensure we are all set to kick this amazing thing off. This is a community endeavor and now is the time to know who is 110% in and ready to go.

GACM is bringing prospective families together to make final decisions for the Co-op, share the school mission, have an open discussion, answer any questions, start handing contracts out and see the space. ALL ARE WELCOME! 

We will host a conference call on Monday, April 16th at 6pm
RSVP with whether you will be in-person or on the conference call

Even though this is a school, it's first and foremost a business that requires buy-in. That's not meant to be scary, but as a Parent Co-op that will work democratically for what's best for the school, its students, and it's community all cards have to be on the table. Bunny and I have set the school up for success in the business and marketing side, and now the co-op needs to organize the operational side.

If you have any questions, reach out! We look forward to seeing you all!
PS: Thank you to those who filled out the survey! I will share the results at the mixer. 

What to Expect

  • Refreshments will be available: Wine, Tea, + Water
  • An opportunity to tour the space
  • Parent Meet + Greet

Meeting Agenda

  • Pass out Information packets
  • Explanation of UUCC Agreement
  • A final decision on the school name
  • Begin the process of setting up the Board of Directors
  • Update on Teacher Recruitment / Staffing
  • Decide Staff Hiring Committee
  • Parent Co-op position sign up
Brei Stevenson
We are SO close! Are you in?

Let's Get This Ball Rollin'!

The UUCC Board of Directors is aiming to give us the go-ahead this week to establish our awesome community endeavor through a partnership! It's an amazing feat to have this need rise from the ashes in less than a month! What amazing proof that we are doing the right thing.


We are aiming to open the Primary classroom in June. So, things are going to start moving fast! That means we need to activate our parent community in a big way right now. The new school (working name: Glen Allen Community Montessori) will work as a Parent Cooperative. Tuition and Fees can be downloaded below, as well as our intended timeline for opening the school.

*Tuition payment can be broken up monthly (over 12 months), quarterly (4x) or yearly (1x)


Below I have shared some information about co-ops. If you are already familiar with the structure go ahead and fill out the quick survey below so we can get a quick read on interest and start setting up a steering committee.

What is a parent cooperative?

A parent cooperative is a democratically controlled business organized to meet the mutual needs of parent members. It is organized by a group of families with similar philosophies who hire a trained teacher to provide their children with a quality school experience. The school is administered and maintained by the parents on a non-profit, non-sectarian basis. The focus of the business is service rather than a generation of profit. The services include child-focused enrichment, education, and child care programs. 

Even though the focus of the cooperative is on the provision of services rather than profit, it is still a business. The most distinctive features of a cooperative are its ownership structure and democratic decision making. Cooperative members are fundamentally the business owners, and each co-owner is entitled to one vote.

What kind of involvement is required?

Parent involvement is inherent to the parent cooperative. As cooperative members, all parents are involved with making key policy decisions that affect their child's out-of-home child care experiences. The program director and teachers, who are trained in early childhood education, run the day-to-day operations of the center. Parent participation and fundraising activities cut overhead costs and bring in sources of revenue. Even parents with schedules that don't allow workday participation are involved with voting, participating in fundraising, attending evening parenting education and related meetings, and contributing support to the program.

The involvement of parents in cooperative child care programs varies from program to program. The board of directors of the cooperative usually sets parent-involvement requirements. Involvement usually includes participating in the classroom in some capacity. Parents who are unable to contribute time to the classroom may be offered alternatives, including contributing administrative or service roles or having a relative or other caregiver contribute classroom participation.

What are the benefits? 

Parent involvement in the cooperative encourages communication between the parent and teacher that focuses on the child. The ongoing, simultaneous interaction of parent, child, and teacher has something to offer each member of the triad.

Parents are exposed to knowledge about how children develop, problem prevention and discipline strategies, and age-appropriate behavior expectations that encourage more effective parenting. The parent has the opportunity to see how these principles and strategies are implemented by observing the teacher.

The arrangement allows parents to ask questions and to "try out" new strategies in a supportive environment.

Teachers benefit because they are able to see the practical elements of their own education and develop "hands-on" approaches to sharing this knowledge and experience. They are also able to more fully know each child and his/her individual needs by sharing information with the parent.

At the center of the triad is the child, who benefits from the supportive linkages of home and preschool and shares important life experiences with his/her parent. 

Brei Stevenson