GACM eNewsletter 🌲 December 2018


November was another busy month! We wrapped up the Fall Session with new art works, sharing what we are thankful for and continuing to master our lessons! We welcome ConjureWorks to GACM for our Fall Break Camp and it was a hit! Camp Director, Nana, shared some of what the students did:

  • Students were intentional with the exploration of various seeds, trees, and bushes outside, further driving home the elements of Vitamin D, rain, and soil by planting our own seeds inside; 

  • They mindfully explored painting from both a sensory and awareness perspective by painting our hands, arms, & feet; embracing how we are alike and unique by holding space for each pair of colorful hands created; discussed colors that moved us to adorn ourselves in some way (insert the painting of hands and feet again here); painted rainbows to say thank you to the rain and sun for providing Vitamin D and rain

  • Learned as noted that certain colors make us happy, jump, and laugh, and we were able to connect with those feelings through a sensory and tactile lens with paint and by getting down and dirty with the planting of seeds and watching them contribute to the life cycle of seeds and other living entities (insert Brian the Beetle who greeted us daily before we gently scooped and delivered back outside where he lives) as well as the many seeds we found when walking on our investigative nature walk adventures.

  • We also connected with the labyrinth in GACM’s own backyard. So very beautiful to see students initially run around the winding maze, then choosing of their own volition to slow down and take in the meditation windings of the healing space, choosing to be more reflective and aware of nature at work.

We took the Fall Break to reset the classroom and have new, holiday themed works for our students. We will be learning about varying holiday traditions and what it means to give back!



Please welcome Marleny Gaitan to the GACM family! She will be our lead during our After Care program beginning tomorrow.

Marleny is a first generation graduate from Virginia Commonwealth University where she graduated with a degree in Psychology. Her past experience includes working as a therapeutic day treatment counselor for young children. She is currently a crisis stabilization counselor for adults. Her passion to empower and cultivate creative learning has led her to the Montessori philosophy. 

She has an adorable boxer pup named Apollo! She enjoys reading, exercising, and dancing. She is fluent in Spanish.


December 20th
Half Day + International Feast

December 21st-January 4th
Winter Break / No School



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