Open House for All!

It may seem like it's been quiet, but we have been BUSY over on this side! We've got a lot of amazing things in the works and taking the time to cross our T's and dot our I's:

  • We are shipping off our VDSS application next week
  • Signing our final agreement with UUCC in the coming weeks
  • Beginning construction on enlarging the classroom space
  • Picking up our new Primary materials this weekend
  • Voted in and have a complete and amazing Board of Directors
  • Developed a Hiring Committee and interviewed teachers
  • Signed enrollment contracts
  • Given tours...

This has all happened in just 3 months! 

Our parent community seems to be growing a little bit each week, to the point that we are becoming very limited in available spots for the 2018-19 school year kick-off and are anticipating a WAITLIST.

So if you are interested in becoming a part of the GACM family, don't hesitate! If you can't wait until the Open House, schedule a tour and fill out an application! We are happy to meet and chat with you as well.

Brei Stevenson