Buy-in Reminder & Board + Committee Meeting

Spring is being amazing to us! We have held tours of the school space and had applications submitted for the fall. Things are really falling into place, friends. 

REMINDER: Parent Buy-in is due by end of the day tomorrow, May 1st. If you have questions or need accommodations, please reply to this email.

Board of Directors + Committee Volunteers Meeting

Monday, May 7th  @  6:30PM
Gather Short Pump, 2400 Old Brick Rd, 23060


ALL PARENTS NEED TO BE IN ATTENDANCE. This meeting will be held to determine enrolled parents’ responsibilities to the Co-op starting immediately or in the Fall, depending on assignment. If you are absolutely unable to attend in-person or through the conference line, please arrange a conversation with me to submit your intentions.

Hiring Committee
Classroom Lead selections need to begin by mid-May and wrap up with the issuance of employment contracts by the end of the month. 

The process will occur as a group, serving as a way for parents to ask candidates questions and get a general feel for who may be their child’s educator. At least two interviews will be held through Skype Video, others will be in person. 

To ensure that the group isn’t too large, the committee will have the President and one additional board member in attendance, and 3-4 additional parents. I am happy to be a non-voting participant/lead if necessary since I initiated the recruiting process and submitted the job recs. 

All parents who wish to be a part of this process will receive digital copies of the candidate resumes for review with the understanding that all information is confidential.

As always, feel free to reach out should you have any questions or feedback! Thank you to all the parents who continue to be ambassadors for this cause. We have come a long way in such a short time. Our gratitude runs deep!

Brei Stevenson

Brei Stevenson