A Thank You + Next Steps

Thank you to those who came to the mixer! It’s was a wonderful, lovely, honest conversation filled with so much possibility. 

As a reminder, Family Buy-in is due by May 1st!
We need to reach our goal of $3000 to move forward with the school’s business set up and initial “housekeeping.” There is no limit or minimum for the buy-in. It will act as a deposit on your annual tuition beginning in the Fall and can be broken up however you choose. The deposit is non-refundable UNLESS we do not reach our goal of $3,000 by May 1st, then you will be refunded by May 4th. 

Here are the next steps:

You can download the info packet that was handed out HERE, and electronically sign the Buy-in Form HERE

We will host a Facebook Live tomorrow at 3:30pm and the recording will be posted to the school’s Facebook page for an overview of what was shared during the mixer. Come ask/post your questions!

We will be meeting with UUCC on Tuesday afternoon at 1:30pm. Any parents who are interested in coming to that meeting and witnessing the discussion and agreement process are welcomed!

Sign-up HERE to express serious interest in participating on the Board of Directors andStaff Hiring Committee. Dates for those meetings will be announced soon.

Brei Stevenson