Hope Springs Eternal!


With yesterday being the first day of Spring, (would any of us know it with the weather?) it seemed like the perfect day to talk about new beginnings.

The UUCC board hosted us for a tour and a meeting with some of the members last night. The meeting went wonderfully. They had great questions for us and we shared in a really meaningful discussion about the school and what it means to the community and how UUCC can help. One of our parents, Amanda, joined us and added a wonderful perspective to the conversation, both as a family and a Montessori trained educator. Bunny and I walked away with the feeling that they were really receptive and willing to figure out a way to make it work.

We presented our intentions to begin a Primary classroom in June and open the 2018-19 school year in September with year-round Primary and Elementary classrooms. In the timeline that we shared with them, we'd need approval and a rental agreement by March 30th to ensure we can get VDSS approval in time for the beginning of June.

Once we hear from them we will reach out and keep everyone in the loop, because things will move fast!

Thank you for continuing to support us. We mentioned numerous times last night how amazing people have been to us in the last few weeks, and the drive the community has to keep this going.

Reach out if you need anything at all!

Brei Stevenson